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Current Arlington Soccer News

Part Time Field Coordinator Position

~~Part Time Field Coordinator Position
Arlington Soccer is hiring part time Field Coordinators to work at the Rolling Hills soccer complex in Fort Worth ( off I20 and Wichita Street) on game days.  The amount of time worked will be determined by the number of people hired and the hours they can work.   Work hours will be ½ day on Saturdays and ½ day on Sundays with rotating Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening shifts.   For a more specific job description email sarah@arlingtonsoccer.org
  Pay will be $7.25 per hour. 


We have had some field closures at Harold Patterson so we are going to have to move some games to another location. API has been lucky enough to partner with Fort Worth and we will be using Rolling Hills Soccer Complex. The address is 2900 Joe B Rushing Road Fort Worth TX 76119. There will be a field map on the front page of the ASA website .If there are any weather concerns the ASA hotline is still the number to call. Game sheets will be at the fields for these games and given to the referees. 

We are also using Mansfield Soccer Complex. Go to www.mansfieldsoccer.org . Than click on fields.

ALL TEAMS need to check their schedules for field and time changes. The field closure has affected the whole schedule

For now please continue checking your schedule daily for changes until we get this worked out. Right now we have moved some games to Rolling Hills but we also may need to include another location in the area. We will definitely keep all teams in the loop but you need to make sure you are checking your schedule and emails!

Thank you for your continued support to API we really do appreciate all of you!



This link is provided for coaches to send in an evaluation on a referee crew whether it be a good one or a bad. This helps ASA mentor our referees to give our teams the best referee crews we can offer.


    Arlington Soccer Association Coach;

    Here are a few quick Picture Day reminders;

    Arlington Soccer Association    
    Picture Day Info

    TSS_Oval_white 2
    Rainout Rescheduled
    Saturday November 1st
    Harold Patterson - North of the Pavillion

    We will be at Harold Patterson Saturday September 13th and October 11th just north of the PavillionWhen you click on the Splash Page link you will see the schedule.


    Coaches can schedule times for their teams based on game schedules.

    Be sure to allow enough time for pictures and warm-ups before your game (don't schedule pictures 15 minutes before your game time). The link above includes links to the schedules.

    We will need order forms completed before we take pictures so we know who we are taking pictures of.

    Have your team gather 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time.

    We will need time to complete paperwork and get the team lined up.

    Bring multiple balls we can use for the pictures. Be sure you have the correct size and color that compliments your team colors. Be sure the balls are clean and with minimal writing (or the writing might be seen in the photo)

    If a parent arrives close to picture time they can grab a form and complete the name and team info. After the photographer takes the picture they can take the form back to the customer service area to complete their order.

    Coaches should check in at the TSS table with the black cloth next to the TSS flag. From there will will get your team lined up and ready to proceed to the camera area. Please do not proceed to the camera area unless you are escorted by a TSS Staff member otherwise you will miss your place in the process.

    Coaches get a free gift. Arrive early to get your certificate and complete an order form. Remember, we have to have a completed order form for you to receive your gift.

    Keep your team together at all times. If we have to gather players together it takes precious time.

    Parents should take care of product and order questions before they get to the camera area. The photographers are only trained to handle photography.  Otherwise, they can go back to the customer service area after the photos are taken with their form and have their questions answered.

    We will get you though the system as quickly as possible. Coming on time and keeping you parents and players together helps the process.



    Harold Patterson Field


    Download the Hotline App for IPHONE or ANDROID and access our real time hot line messages quickly and easily.

    FOR APPLE iphone/ipad users:
    Download the free app for your iPhone or iPad by searching in the app store for 
    "Sports Phone Hot line v2". Once downloaded you will need to enter our new hot line number one time to complete the installation.

    FOR ANDROID users:
    Download the free app for your Android by either scanning the QR code to your
    left or searching Play Store for "Arlington Soccer".

    Chamber Classic league

    Boys Classic league

    ASA Office

    3630 W Pioneer Parkway Suite 101
    Arlington TX 76013

    Phone  817 261 0242

    Fax 817 274 5469

    Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri  10 to 4PM  Tues  10 to 6PM  Thurs  2 to 8PM