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Misconduct / Appeals Discipline

Card Definitions

Cautionable Offense Codes / Yellow Cards

UB = Unsporting Behavior

DT = Dissent by word or action

PI = Persistent infringement

DR = Delays restart of play

FRD = Fails to respect required distance

L = Leaves the field without permission

E = Enters the field without permission

Player Cards

Misconduct Cards

Regarding the rule on "player" accumulated cautions:

3 cautions = 1 game sit out
5 cautions = 2 game sit out
6 cautions = 1 more sit out
7 cautions = suspended from all soccer (except UIL) until a hearing is held for the player with League A&D at which time they may allow the player to return to competitive (under some sort of sanction) or may be suspended for a period of time. Depends on what the cautions are for and how the player presents

Send off Offense Codes

Send Off Offense Codes

SFP = Serious foul play

VC = Violent conduct - Automatic 2 Game Suspension

AL = Offensive, insulting, or abusive language

DCH = Denies opposing team of obvious goal-scoring opportunity

DGF = Denies obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent

S = Spits at opponent
2CT = Receives 2nd caution

Fred Diaz

Fred Diaz

Vice President of A&D