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Harold Patterson Complex Rules

Only scheduled league games are allowed on the soccer complex. Practices or scrimmage games are not allowed on the fenced soccer complex, unless authorized by ASA Board of Directors or the Arlington Parks and Recreation department.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited inside the soccer complex or on any soccer fields or any adjacent parking lot for youth and adult.
  • No glass containers.
  • NO DOGS or other animals inside the fenced area whether they are on a leash or being carried. This is a city ordinance and violations of this ordinance could result in a citation being issued.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • Cross the fence only at the gates
  • No sound amplification devices of any type, except for ASA approved devices.
  • No smoking within 50 ft. of bleachers and pubic buildings.  This is a city ordinance and violations of this ordinance could result in a citation being issued.
  • NO LITTERING. Teams guilty of littering may be fined. See the No Trash Rule for more information.
  • No warm-up allowed within the 18 yd box before the game or during halftime.
  • No play whatsoever during halftime by spectators, siblings or teams schedule next on that field.


No More Trash Rule

The Arlington Soccer Association Board of Directors has passed a rule to help fight the growing trash problem at the soccer complex. Any team who does not pick up their area after their game will receive:

$25.00 fine for the 1st offense
$50.00 for the 2nd offense
$100.00 for the 3rd offense

Our Field Marshals are instructed to report any bench left trashed. If you are the next team and the area is trashed report it to a Field Marshal and pick it up to help us keep the fields clean. The city has also provided us with big plastic recycle bottles. Now your team can throw away their plastic bottles and cans so that we can help our city recycle. Thank you for all your help with keeping Harold Patterson a clean place to play soccer!



  • Will be provided for all fields.
  • The first teams of the day will be responsible for putting the nets up.
  • The last game of the day on that field will be responsible for taking the nets down. Each sideline will be responsible for 1 net.
  • Each net should be rolled up and placed in the buckets provided at each end of the fields.
  • Stakes should be pulled and placed in the buckets.


  • Each team will be responsible for supplying 2 corner flags. Flags must not be less than 1.5m (5 ft) high, with a non-pointed top and a flag attached.



  • We are using the Got Soccer game sheets this season.
  • You will NOT need to bring one to the game as the referees will be given the game sheets for each game.

The team’s responsibility would be to make sure all players’ information is correct on the team account:

  • Registration Number
  • Player name
  • Jersey Number
  • Date of Birth

If you are adding a player the player must be entered into your got soccer account by Wednesday of each week in order for that player to play in the next game. We will also need an updated signed official roster in the office by Wednesday.

The new player must show up on your game sheet in order for them to play in that game. 


  • There should be a board member or trained designee on duty at the soccer complex every day that games are scheduled.
  • If you have problems or issues, please see the BMOD. We are here to help. For example:
  • You forget your game day sheet
  • Field conditions that could possibly result in injury to a player
  • Trash left by previous team
  • Unruly or threatening behavior from coaches, players or spectators.
  • No referees at the scheduled time of your match.


Each team that participates in API is required to provide a volunteer to serve as a field marshal for a 2 hr shift, 2 or 3 times each season. This is a very important responsibility and should not be taken lightly. The duties of a field marshal are:

  • Serve as the “eyes and ears” for the BMOD.
  •  In the event of a injury to a player, the field marshal will contact (via two-way radio) the BMOD so that prompt attention can be provided to the injured player.
  • Report any unruly behavior to the BMOD. In the event of a fight, you are not there to break up the fight; you are there to report it to the BMOD.
  • Direct lost individuals to their correct field location.
  • Report trash left behind by any team or spectator.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach/manager/team representative to check the ASA website for your scheduled field marshal duty. Failure to appear for your reported time will result in a fine being assed to the team and possible loss of points in league play and/or additional shifts assigned. E-mail if you have any questions.


  • Cheer appropriately and positively. Do not openly criticize the referee, coaches or opposing team players.
  • Please pick up after yourselves. There are containers for recyclable items. Use them. If a team is found to have violated the trash rule, then a fine will be assessed the team.


  • In the event of field closure due to inclement weather, please check the homepage for the latest status of the fields.  
  • Check the hotline at 817-522-4272. Please listen to the entire message. There may be single field closures and not the entire complex.
  • If you are at the complex, there are 2 lights, one red and one yellow which indicates the status of the complex.
  • Flashing RED indicates the fields are closed for play.
  • Flashing YELLOW indicates the fields are temporarily closed but may reopen within a specified time, e.g. delay due to lighting in the area.


The team that is designated as the home team will occupy the north or west side of the field.

Competitive only
Wear white or predominately (50%) light in color.
Change in the event of a color conflict. In the event that a jersey conflict occurs, see the BMOD.


For Recreational only – the home team will be responsible for paying the referee and the lines.
Competitive – each team will pay one-half the referee and one of the lines.

Referee fees are determined by age group and league. Check your league’s information page fore more more info.