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Field Marshal Information

Field Marshal Information


Field Marshals


  1. You need to contact the field coordinator at to be put on the schedule. You may not just show up at the field to work.
  2. Check in with the Field Coordinator at the green barn.
  3. The shift is for a 2 hour minimum time or any multiple of 2 hours.
  4. Field Marshals are the Coordinator’s eyes and ears
  5. Duties you may be responsible for:
    1. You are a representative of the league and association while on duty.
    2. You will be assigned an area that you will be monitoring
    3. You may not watch your child play while you are on duty for league play.
    4. You will have a radio so that you will be able to contact the trainers in case of injury.
    5. Or for any other issues regarding the fields you are monitoring you can contact the Field Coordinator
    6. Don’t put yourself in the middle of something that makes you uncomfortable.
    7. Notify the Field Coordinator or Referee Assignor if a game does not have a full referee crew.
    8. There is no warm-ups, practicing, or playing in the 18 yard box.
    9. Remind teams and parents to pick up trash on sidelines. Teams will be fined.
    10. Keep moving and make yourself visible.


Contact the Coordinator if an injured player needs assistance returning to their car.



If you do a no show you may not have a chance to make up your time.

Thank You for Volunteering!  We sincerely appreciate your time.

If you have any questions please free feel to email me at or at .


Jeanette Brugh

Volunteer Coordinator