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Misconduct / Appeals Discipline

Card Definitions

Cautionable Offense Codes / Yellow Cards

UB = Unsporting Behavior

DT = Dissent by word or action

PI = Persistent infringement

DR = Delays restart of play

FRD = Fails to respect required distance

L = Leaves the field without permission

E = Enters the field without permission

In Gotsoccer Team Account Tracking Player Suspensions

1. Login to your “Team Account”

 2. Click on “Player Suspensions”

3. “Player Suspensions” will appear in “Player Suspension Box in Pink”

4. “Game/Until Column” will show number of games suspended

5. “Repealed Column” will have a “No” (not served)

6. “Player Suspension Served ” will appear in “Player Suspension Box in “WHITE” no longer WILL BE GREEN”.

7. “Repealed Column” will have a “Yes” (served)

You must send a copy of completed sit out verification to Arlington Soccer Office for Sit Out to be confirmed (Take a Picture if not able to keep form)

Player Cards

Misconduct Cards

Yellow Cards A player receiving a second yellow card in a single game is suspended for the balance of that game and the next game within that competition

Red Cards A player receiving a red card or a coach/assistant coach who is sent off is suspended for the balance of that game and the next game within that competition, or if in the last game of the competition, may be referred to North Texas for further sanctions


Arlington Premier Invitational will follow North Texas Rule
3.11.5  #1 A

Misconduct Cards
will be Posted & Visible on the Schedule along with 

Send off Offense Codes

Send Off Offense Codes

SFP = Serious foul play

VC = Violent conduct - Automatic 2 Game Suspension

AL = Offensive, insulting, or abusive language

DCH = Denies opposing team of obvious goal-scoring opportunity

DGF = Denies obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent

S = Spits at opponent
2CT = Receives 2nd caution

Augie Vicari

Augie Vicari

Vice President of A&D