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Game Cards

Game Cards are generated from your GotSoccer Event Arlington Premier Invitational League Roster making it IMPERATIVE that all teams have their information (including pictures) correctly updated & documented. The absolute deadline for any roster changes is 6:00 PM on Thursday prior to the weekend for players to be eligible to play.  The referees will have the Game Cards for each game (no need for managers to print them) and will also turn in the Game Cards to the API League office at the conclusion of each game.  The API League Board officials will also be conducting random roster checks each weekend.


Teams playing games at the Rolling Hills Complex will be required to pay any fines levied by the City Of Fort Worth for :
Excessive Trash
Playing on fields that are not scheduled for games
Unauthorized parking
Alcohol at Complex
Damage to nets or field




Effective immediately any Academy or API team that owes any type of forfeit fee or fine to the league must pay the money owed before their next scheduled game unless the next game is within a 72 hour period of the establishment of the fee/fine.  Teams owing will have to forfeit all games until the fee/fine is paid.   Games will be forfeited 72 hours prior to game time

New Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy:

Arlington Premier Invitational League realizes that teams replace their uniforms from time to time
 We also are aware that the delivery of uniforms does not always arrive on schedule
Please see "New Policy" below:

  • T-Shirt of the same color of team uniform must be worn as a substitute by the player,
  • T-Shirt must have permanent jersey# that matches the jersey# on the roster.

Time Line

  • The deadline for teams to have players in complete uniform will be October 1 2017
  • New players added to the team during the soccer year have a 2 week window starting the first game they play

Procedure for Player to Continue to play not in Uniform:

  • If there is a problem after the 10/1 date, you must email the registrar at to obtain permission for a player to continue to play not in complete uniform


To validate the integrity of the Arlington Premier League, we are now requiring that all player's photos be posted in GotSoccer when team registration is completed DURING JULY REGISTRATION. NEW PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED EVERY YEAR